A transparent firm with straightforward charges

We have always been a “fee-only” firm and were providing transparent charging at a time when most financial advisers were still taking commission (and not always open about how much they received).


In a world where investors have little control, it is important to pay attention to the costs and charges you incur, paying the most for the things that have the most impact, like financial planning.

There are three separate and distinct stages to the work we undertake with our clients, and each has its own separate costs and charges.

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Financial Planning

Financial planning is by far the most important work we do, that’s not just saying this, it’s what our clients tell us. It’s the most time consuming and the activity that has the greatest impact on our client’s financial success.

Typically, our financial planning work incurs a one-off charge between £4,000 and £10,000 and the work can last several weeks or longer depending upon the complexity. Occasionally we can charge less when asked to undertake work that is narrower in scope. Pension transfer advice from Defined Benefit schemes (final salary) is typically the most expensive one-off work we undertake.

Implementing the plan. Opening accounts and arranging investments

Implementation is essentially administration, and we try to do this work on a fixed cost basis linked to the amount of work involved. Apart from specialist investments like Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) we do not charge a percentage of the money you are investing. 

Ongoing service and advice

Ongoing Service and ongoing advice are usually charged at 1% of the investments under our care on the first £1million and then 0.35% thereafter. In some cases, this percentage is reduced where we are looking after a single account such as a Self-Invested Personal Pension.

Alternatively, we may agree a fixed fee regardless of the amount invested.