Pricing Clarity for Financial Planning

Clarity and value for money are at the heart of our pricing

Pricing clarity for financial planning.

At Yellowtail, clarity and value for money are at the heart of our pricing. We recognise that financial situations are as diverse as the individuals we serve, making it difficult to publish a precise cost without a detailed understanding of your unique circumstances.

To bridge this gap, we offer a clear explanation of our pricing model and the principles behind it, to give you an idea of what our financial planning services might cost.

Our aim is to provide complete transparency about our services, the value we add, and the way our fees are structured, well before you make a financial commitment.

Tailoring our pricing to your financial situation.

Our pricing is linked to the complexity of your financial situation. Since everyone’s mix of goals, incomes, pensions, investments, and other financial considerations is different, it’s essential that our planning is tailored to you.

This means our pricing model reflects the complexity of your financial needs. More intricate scenarios demand more of our expertise and resources.

For a better understanding of ‘complexity’ and how it affects pricing, consider the examples of two clients at the opposite ends of the financial complexity scale, detailed below:

Low Financial ComplexityHigh Financial Complexity
Client A high-earning individual, early to late 40’s employed by a business. A high-earning married or re-married couple in early 50’s to late 60’s, owner of business.
Children No children or dependents. Children or teenagers from current or previous marriage.
Income Single source of income typically six-figure salary with generous bonus, or partner equity. Multiple sources of income including: salary; dividends; investments; pensions drawdown; rent from property portfolio; trust income.
Expenditure Single mortgage and standard monthly outgoings associated with a high earner. One or two annual holidays. One or two cars. Multiple mortgages for property portfolio and associated maintenance costs. Three or more annual holidays. Multiple cars. Private school/college fees for children. University fees for teenagers. Divorce maintenance payments. Bank loan for management buy-in (MBI) to acquire business ownership or LLP partnership.
Pension Workplace pension and one legacy pension. Numerous pensions with combination of defined benefits and defined contribution with potential for transfer. Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS). Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)
Investments Savings in banks or National Savings products. Stocks & shares ISAs. General Investment Account (GIA); ISA; National Savings; Venture Capital Trust; Enterprise Investment Schemes; Share options; Private company shares; Trust arrangements.
Chattels Standard household chattels such as furniture, appliances etc. Artwork; Family heirlooms; Jewellery; Watch collection; Car collection; Racehorses/syndicate owner; Yachts; Wine/Whiskey collection; Aircraft/share in aircraft.

Financial Planning.

Our financial planning can help you navigate life’s complexities. By defining clear goals, assessing your financial situation, and creating strategies, we’ll help you control your finances, paving the path towards the secure retirement you’ve worked hard for.

Pricing starts from £3,500 including VAT.

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We appreciate that if you have not previously used a financial planner, you may have several questions about the process and costs. Here we answer the most frequently asked questions by individuals who become our valued clients.

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Are there any hidden charges with your financial planning? 

No. We will tell you exactly how much youll pay for your financial planning before you engage usOur pricing policy is clear and straightforward and we will only proceed once we’ve agreed the costs. 

Will my fee change if your platform fees increase? 

Our ongoing charge is fixed at 0.65% of your total assets investedHowever we cannot control the underlying fund charges and platform administration costs, though we are constantly reviewing the market to find the best possible combination of price and delivery. 

When do I pay? 

Once you decide to engage us we will invoice you for 50% of the agreed financial planning fee. This serves two purposes; it provides some money on account to cover the time we will spend doing the work, and also means you have a commitment to the process.  

What are my options for paying on-going charges? 

Fees for ongoing services are typically taken from the investment portfolio and are paid monthly in arrears. Alternatively, you may prefer to settle our fees separately either quarterly, half-yearly or annually in advance.  

Do you have a guarantee? 

Our financial planning work comes with a ‘money back guarantee’ which means that if we get to the end of the financial planning process, and we haven’t added value for money, we will refund any fees already paid and we will then part company. It’s that simple. 

Will I be charged on-going fees even if no changes are made to my financial plan? 

Yes. We conduct regular reviews, usually annually, where we look at your financial situation alongside your plans and investments, to check that things remain on track to reach your goals and objectives. Some years there will be very little to change and in others there may be significant work to do due to changing legislation etc. However, regardless of the outcome it takes just as long to reach that decision. 

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