Financial Planning & Wealth Strategies for Individuals and Families

Yellowtail are the trusted financial planners for UK-based individuals & families​ who provide the clarity, control and confidence to guide you towards a prosperous retirement and financial peace of mind.

What is financial planning?

Financial planning is the strategic process of assessing an individual’s financial goals, resources, and circumstances. At Yellowtail, we help our clients devise a roadmap to achieve those goals through effective management of income, expenses, investments, and assets.

What is a financial planner and what do they do?

A financial planner creates comprehensive financial plans tailored to individual goals, before focusing on implementing investment strategies and managing assets according to the established plan.

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When will I need a financial planner?

Clients typically seek our financial planning advice to optimise their wealth management, mitigate tax liabilities, preserve assets across generations, navigate complex investment strategies, plan for retirement, philanthropy, and estate planning, and ensure long-term financial security amidst changing economic landscapes. Clients come to us when they:

  • Are constrained by limited time due to busy professional lives;
  • Become frustrated with managing the process themselves;
  • Acknowledge the complexity of financial planning;
  • Experience a life-changing event.


Working with us will make you better informed about how hard your money needs to work, how well you can cope with financial shocks, and how much money you need to achieve and maintain financial independence.
Dennis Hall - Founder & Chartered Financial Planner, Yellowtail

Who we help.

We help a range of clients throughout the UK, from individuals’ in their late 40’s with successful careers to wealthy retirees.

Here is a selection of the clients we typically serve:


Individuals & families.

Typically couples or individuals on high incomes and bonuses, or those who may have received an inheritance, or owner-managers who have recently exited their business.


Successful professionals.

Including equity partners in limited liability partnerships, those occupying senior executive roles, medical professionals in private practice, or professors in academia.


Retirees or those approaching retirement.

Our retirement planning starts before your career ends, and continues to support you throughout later life.


Widows & widowers.

Our considerate financial planning helps bereaved individuals come to terms with changing demands on their savings and investments.

Our financial planning process.

Our financial planning process follows these simple steps

1. We understand your aspirations

Through comprehensive discussions and assessments, we gain insight into your current financial situation and your aspirations for the future.

2. We build your financial plan

We create a bespoke financial plan tailored to your requirements. This blueprint serves as a roadmap, outlining the necessary steps to help you achieve your financial goals.

3. We help you execute your plan

With your approval, we put your customised financial plan into action. We guide you through each step of the process, ensuring that you are on track to realise your financial ambitions.

Our financial planning service.

Our financial planning service can help you navigate life’s complexities. By defining clear goals, assessing your financial situation, and creating strategies to manage your wealth, we’ll help you control your finances, paving the path towards the secure retirement you’ve worked hard for.

Pricing starts from £3,500 including VAT.

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Why clients choose Yellowtail Financial Planning.

We work with people who are ready to make significant decisions about their financial future. Where a financial plan will provide the guidance needed to achieve the retirement you’ve worked hard for. These are some of the reasons why clients choose Yellowtail for their financial planning requirements:


We simplify your life.

We simplify your life with clear, step-by-step guidance, meticulous organisation, and concise summaries for confident management of your financial affairs


We empower your financial journey.

We empower your financial journey through building personalised strategies, providing expert support, and enhanced knowledge for executing your retirement plan with confidence.​


We give you control.

We help you retain control of your financial situation by enabling you to make informed decisions, giving you peace of mind, and active engagement for a brighter financial future.​


We give you optimism for the future.

We give you renewed optimism for a prosperous retirement, through our regulated expertise, and a personalised, caring approach that understands your unique needs.​


We provide honest and transparent assurance.

We provide honest and transparent assessments, evidence-backed strategies, and an empowering, uplifting approach that’s aligned with your values.

Meet the people at Yellowtail who work with you to turn your financial goals into reality.
Sarah Steele - Operations Director, Yellowtail

Dennis Hall

Sarah Steele

Christian Olesen

Akiko Otomo

Clare McCarthy


We appreciate that if you have not previously used a financial planner, you may have several questions about the process and costs. Here we answer the most frequently asked questions by individuals who become our valued clients.

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How much wealth do I need for your service? 

It’s not necessarily about the level of assets you have, you may benefit from financial planning if you haven’t yet built up a high level of savings and investments, but where you have a high income instead and want to make the right choices for the future. 

Do I need to involve my partner in the financial planning process? 

Yes. The potential for financial harm that can be created by not involving your partner can be understated, I even wrote a book about it “Who Will It Hurt When I Die” by Dennis Hall 

How long does the process typically take? 

There’s no set timescale for financial planning. Often there are delays whilst we await financial information from you or your existing providers. In an ideal world we would expect to complete our work in 6 – 8 weeks, but more complex situations can take longer.  

How much information do I need to disclose? 

To paraphrase Aristotle, you get out what you put in. The more information you can give us the better the resulting financial plan. However, we don’t expect you to have everything to hand straight away and we will support and guide you in finding the information we need. 

Can I move my portfolio from another provider to Yellowtail? 

If at the end of the financial planning process we both agree that there would be a benefit to continuing the relationship you may choose to move your investments under our care. Part of our planning will determine whether this is in your best interests, and we’ll let you know the pros and cons.  

How does your pricing work?

Clarity and value are at the heart of our pricing. Recognising that our clients have diverse needs and aspirations, we tailor our pricing to your individual financial needs.

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