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Our founder Dennis Hall.

Learn more about out founder Dennis Hall, from his beginnings in the Royal Marines to launching Yellowtail Financial Planning.  

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Why we exist.


Our purpose is to empower clients with financial choice, turning their retirement goals into reality. Through transparent, unbiased conversations, we build trust with both clients and business partners.


Our mission is to serve individuals who seek active engagement with their finances, allowing them to build sustainable lifestyles and achieve lifelong financial independence.


Our 2035 vision is to have partnered with 500 families, couples, and individuals, guiding them to attain lifelong financial independence that not only endures but also enriches future generations.​

We are proud of the values we live by which separate us from other financial planning organisations.
Dennis Hall - Founder, Yellowtail

We keep the client at the centre of the conversation, not their money.

We prioritise the client above all else, placing their needs, aspirations, and well-being at the heart of every conversation and decision. It’s not just about money; it’s about their financial journey and ultimate peace of mind.​


We build all our relationships around dignity and respect.​

Our foundation is built on the pillars of dignity and respect. In every interaction, we honour individuals and relationships, fostering an environment of trust where everyone thrives, feels valued, and is heard.​ 


We provide simplicity and clarity.​

We champion simplicity and clarity in all that we do. We remove any unnecessary layers of complexity, ensuring that our clients can navigate their financial journey with ease and confidence​.


We empower financial choices.​

We empower our clients with the clarity, confidence, and control needed to make informed financial decisions. Through our guidance, they gain the knowledge and tools to shape their financial future with conviction.​

You work hard over many years to achieve financial success and independence, naturally you want to protect it by making smart choices with your money.
Christian Olesen - Financial Planner, Yellowtail

Our financial planning philosophy – The three Cs

Our financial planning aims to:

Empower you with clarity regarding your desired outcomes.

Equip you with the necessary information for maintaining control.

Instil confidence in the decisions you make.

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Our pricing.

Clarity and value are at the heart of our pricing. Recognising that our clients have diverse needs and aspirations, we tailor our pricing to your individual financial needs.

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Our process.

Embark on your path towards the retirement you want with four straightforward steps. At each stage, we’ll give you the confidence, clarity, and control you need to attain your goals.

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Award-winning financial planning.

Over the years our financial planning has received industry accolades for the depth and quality of advice
we provide to our clients. View some of the recognition we have received.

Meet the people at Yellowtail who work with you to turn your financial goals into reality.
Sarah Steele - Operations Director, Yellowtail

Dennis Hall

Sarah Steele

Christian Olesen

Akiko Otomo

Clare McCarthy

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