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The Century Plan Podcast | “How Much Do I Need to Retire”

Season 3 Episode 2

Podcast Introduction

Welcome to The Century Plan, a podcast that looks at financial independence. How to achieve it, and how to maintain it, during a lifetime which may see people, born today, living to age 100. Dennis Hall and Sarah Steele educate and highlight ways to build a brighter retirement through financial planning.

In this episode we discuss one of the most common questions about retirement…. How Much Do I Need To Retire?

It’s not a one-size-fits-all all situation. Sarah and Dennis talk over considerations and formulas that can be used to help gain a figure. In this episode we cover these topics:

  • What kind of retirement are you planning?
  • How much does that cost?
  • How much do you have in assets?
  • Do you know how your workplace pension is invested?
  • How and when can you afford to start adding to your pension pot?
  • How much is your state pension? Did you register to gain credits while a stay at home parent?

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Sarah Steele – Read bio.


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