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The Century Plan Podcast | “Stop Focusing on Volatility”

Season 2 Episode 9

Podcast Introduction

Welcome to The Century Plan, a podcast that looks at financial independence. How to achieve it, and how to maintain it, during a lifetime which may see people, born today, living to age 100. Dennis Hall and Sarah Steele educate and highlight ways to build a brighter retirement through financial planning.

Well, it may be controversial for some, but in this penultimate episode of season 2, Dennis explains how cashflow planning and evidenced-based investing shine a light on the shortfalls of a balanced portfolio approach.

Risk profile questionnaires have been widely used since the late 90s, as a tool to establish our attitude to risk. But they’re not a regulatory requirement. And they tend to focus on our reaction to volatility which, in turn, drives us towards the “safer” option.

So in this episode we explore balanced portfolios and ask:

  • Why are they sub-optimal?
  • Why should we be questioning their validity?
  • And what should we be discussing with our financial planner for a more rounded approach?

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